Registering a death

You must register the death within 5 working days. You must ideally be a member of the family. If this is not possible it should be someone who was present at the death, the person instructing the funeral director or the occupier of the premises in which the death occurred.

What the registrar will need to know

When registering a death you will need to take the following:
    •    medical certificate of the cause of death (signed by a doctor)
    •    It will be helpful to take along some documents with you to confirm the details you are giving to the registrar. Please bring any of the following: passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, utility bills, change of name deeds and NHS medical card for the person who has died; and your own passport, driving license or utility bill. Please don't worry if you can't find documents or forget to bring them, the registration can still go ahead.

You will need to tell the registrar

    •    the person's full name at time of death and any names previously used, including maiden surname
    •    the person's date and place of birth (town and county if born in the UK and country if born abroad)
    •    their last address
    •    their occupation
    •    the full name, date of birth and occupation of a surviving spouse or civil partner
    •    if they were getting a state pension or any other state benefit

Documents you will receive from the registrar

If a post-mortem is not being held the registrar will give you:
    •    a certificate for burial or cremation (called the 'green form'), giving permission for the body to be buried or to apply for the body to be cremated (this is to be given to the Funeral Directors)
    •    a certificate of registration of death (form BD8), issued for social security purposes if the person was on a state pension or benefits (read the information on the back, complete and return it, if it applies)
You will be able to buy one or more death certificates at this time at £4.00 each. The registrar will also give you a booklet called 'What to do after a death' (with advice on wills, funerals and financial help).

Please click on the pdf’s below to view contact details for the Registrar Offices.

- Suffolk-Registrar-Offices

- Essex-Registar-Details

- Cambridgeshire-Registrar-Offices